Cyrus Mclean, leader of the Devil’s Hand biker gang

Elisabeta la Rouge, wealthy socialite and leader of the Red Court in Portland

Logan Arascaine, head of the Arascaine family of the White Court

Ed McCoy, Forest Park Ranger

Kenneth Davidson, AKA Savage, leader of the Pack

Eric Thompson, operator of the Portland Rescue Mission

Rainbow Valley Anderson, clerk at Powell’s hidden occult section

Carmen Alejandra Martinez, businesslike leader of Penumbra, a gang in Northwest portland

Jeremiah Stark, dirty owner of Downtown’s Club Abbadon

Robin Goodfellow, enigmatic handyman at the Rose Garden

Ronald Tolman, head researcher at OHSU for rare blood diseases

John Stevens, frustrated mayor of Portland

Edgar Thompson, down-to-earth Detective

Janette Edison, KOIN 6 Star reporter


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