Trixie Flynn

Trickster Lycanthrope Roaring Girl


Template – Lycanthrope (Fiddled a bit: replaced Pack Instincts with Marked for Power)
High Concept – Trickster Lycanthrope Roaring Girl
Trouble – “What does ‘Bitten Off More’n You Can Chew’ mean?”

GREAT Fists, Endurance
GOOD Intimidation, Deceit
FAIR Might, Athletics, Craftsmanship
AVG Weapons, Resources, Contacts, Stealth, Driving

Pack Instincts (-1) (p. 165) REPLACED WITH Marked by Power (-1) (p. 169)
Echoes of the Beast (-1) (p. 163) (Wolverines have excellent senses of smell and hearing, but lousy eyesight (Nearsighted! She has to wear glasses to legally drive…Perhaps why she’s got lousy Alertness and another reason she isn’t really big on guns.). Beast Trappings: Track by scent.)
Human Form (Involuntary Change) (+2) (p. 176) *
Inhuman Strength (-2) (p. 183)*
Inhuman Recovery (-2) (p. 185)* (The Catch: Silver)
*Only available 1 wk/month on full moon.

Stunt: No Pain, No Gain (May take two additional mild physical consequences)

Minimum Refresh Cost -5 (-4 for Lycanthrope and -1 for stunt)


Phase One: Origin
Daughter of Tamara Flynn, an unmarried mother who held down two jobs to try to give her daughter a better life than she did (waitress at Genie’s Cafe by day and at the Yamhill Pub by night). Despite lack of a permanent male influence while growing up, Trixie seemed to take after her father. Tomboyish and eternally getting into trouble. Not just a tree-climber and class-skipper, she also seemed to constantly get into tussles with whoever the class bully was. After Trix was thrown out of the eighth private school in as many years, her long-suffering mother gave up and just enrolled her in a public junior high school…And she still kept getting into fights.

Aspect: Pick On Someone Your Own Size! (Compelled to help/protect the apparent underdog. Where supernaturals are concerned, this will often mean sticking up for powerless humans. Too bad not everyone who seems weak is weak, and too bad weak and good aren’t the same…)

Phase Two: Rising Action
Trixie graduated from high school (barely) and only a year late. Decent grades in auto shop class and a connection through her ma got her a job at a local garage, but shortly after she found her new love: pugilism. She spent most of her evenings in the West Portland Boxing Gym, and for a couple of years if she wasn’t barking her knuckles under a car she was doing her best to grind them into somebody’s chin. She made the young women’s team after two years, and was involved for all of one season before things went really weird and her lycanthropy set in. (Un?)Fortunately, her father turned up in time to more-or-less explain her situation. She wasn’t inclined to give him more than a sucker punch to the gut when the drunken derelict wouldn’t leave her alone and kept going on about her mom, but when he turned into an eight-foot talking wolverine and tossed her through a wall, that pretty well held her attention. True to his nature, he left her with more questions than answers (not to mention a splitting headache and a shiner) and did not so much sort out her position in the world as make it clear that life was always going to be…interesting.
Aspect: “I Coulda Been a Contender…” (Loves boxing but right around the time when she was getting good enough to reall start getting into it competitively, her lycanthropy set in…And now she can’t get involved in anything that might put her in the ring during ‘that time of month’. Conversely, except for ‘that time of month’ she’s a supernatural weakling…)

Phase Three:
When old Wolverine wanders off again, leaving Trixie with his Mark and with her eyes opened to supernatural Portland, she blunders into a tavern she’s never seen before and ends up getting into an argument with one of the pretentious, prissy types who insists she shouldn’t be drinking there. Feeling ornery, she invites him to step outside and settle it, and several of the others tag along, placing bets. But when it becomes obvious that it’s a minor gathering of the Winter Court, and the bets on her little brawl are a price higher than she could possibly pay, will she have the sense to back down or will she trust to trickery and force?
Aspect: Stubborn as a Mule

Phase Four: (Guest Starring Tarren?)
Bitter Hunger
When a motorcycle gang that indulges in kidnap and murder comes down from up North and one of Trixie’s friends goes missing, it’s only a matter of time before the rash young slugger goes looking for answers, and finds herself teamed up with an owl-eyed supernatural cop. But what will a daughter of Wolverine do when she discovers the gang is actually a supernatural cannibal cult serving a genuine Wendigo spirit?
Aspect: “Alright, I c’n handle it, I c’n handle it…What is it?” (Overconfidence. Sometimes it holds you upright when others falter…And other times it just gets you in over your head.)

Trixie Flynn

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