Orin Scully

Owl-eyed Beat Cop


High Concept- Owl-Eyed Beat Cop
Trouble- Keeping the Supernatural Secret
Template- Were-Form


Great: Investigation, Contacts
Good: Guns, Rapport
Fair: Discipline, Empathy, Endurance
Average: Alertness, Conviction, Presence, Resources, Survival


(-1)Beast Change
(-1)Echoes of the Beast
(+1)Human Form
(-1)Diminutive Size
(-1)Hand-Eye Coordination


Phase 1 – Background

Raised in a more or less normal home, Orin was unaware of his unique ability. However, this didn’t seem to apply to the owls in the area, who would often come to his window at night and watch him and even come out during the day to watch him. His distinctly Irish name and appearance belied a native ancestry, his great-grandmother, Tia Scully, was a full-blooded member of the Chinook people and, having some small magical talent herself, recognized the potential Orin had. She paid him special attention and when his ability to turn into an owl manifested itself, she knew and helped transition him to his new ability and all that came with it.

Aspect: Great-Grandmother Tia

Phase 2 – Rising Conflict

Having adjusted his ability and the revelations about the world that came with, Orin went about his life relatively unchanged besides the occasional flight in the woods and having more respect for his Chinook ancestry, and he had almost no interaction with the larger paranormal world except for what his grandmother showed him. This all changed when his interests lead him to a career in law enforcement. As a cop he saw many strange things and his own supernatural nature allowed him to recognize it. He quickly became acquainted with Portland’s supernatural community, including for the first time other shape shifters like himself and just as quickly became it’s defender in situations that normal police officers weren’t equipped to deal with.

Aspect: Friend to the supernatural community

Phase 3 – “Hunting Season”

When shifters begin dying mysteriously around town, can Orin discover the perpetrator before becoming the next victim himself? Meanwhile, his actions aiding the supernatural community have begun to draw some unwanted attention from his superiors.

Aspect: Aspiring detective

Phase 4 (Guest Starring- Martin Goldstein “Rest in Peace”)

The increase in violence didn’t go unnoticed by the police. Attributed to gang violence, Orin was unaware of the true nature of the situation until he got caught in the middle of it. Saved from the risen dead by Martin and informed of there true nature, Orin believes it’s his duty help Martin to get to the bottom of the situation.

Aspect: Long Range Fighter

Phase 5(Guest Starring- Graeme Rhiannon ‘GR’ Casey “Wyld Hunt”)

The deaths of several practitioners having been brought to his attention, Orin began an unofficial investigation of his own. Over the course of the investigation he encounters GR, an acquaintance who had helped him on a case previously. Now able to return the favor, Orin must help GR track down the menace before anymore lives are lost.

Aspect: I Will Fight Some More Forever

Orin Scully

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