Nizhoni Was


Template: Changeling
High Concept: Native American Nixie Nursing Student
Trouble: A Being of Two Different Worlds

Great (4) – Discipline
Good (
3) – Athletics, Rapport, Scholarship
Fair (2) – Deceit, Endurance, Presence
Average (
1) – Conviction, Empathy, Lore, Resources, Survival, Weapons

Glamour [-2]

Total Refresh: 5

Physical Stress: 3
Mental Stress: 3
Social Stress: 3


Phase One: Where Did You Come From? (Background)
– From the moment of my birth my family on the reservation knew that there was something different about me… the natural gold locks of hair set me apart from the rest of my family. My mother knew then what she always suspected, that my father was not what he seemed. She never told me who my father was and before I became a teenager my mother died in a car accident, and from that point on I was adopted into a cousins family. While a child I saw strange things, things that weren’t ‘normal’ but my family said was just my wild imagination.
Aspect: Enigmatically Beguiling

Phase Two: What Shaped You? (Rising Conflict)
– My mother’s death helped shape me. It hurt, and all anybody told me was that she died in an accident. I didn’t fit in with the rest of my family and friends, try as I might, but after a few years I decided to just focus on myself. My mother always wanted me to see things from the more positive side of life. When I turned 18 I was gifted with a unique present; a package arrived from a lawyer, from the city of Portland, OR, with a letter from whom the lawyer claimed to be my father, and the gift consisted of a hefty stipend of money and resources as well as a unique charm, that of a rare leaf pendant that the letter insisted I wear at all times. This was when I decided to go into college and went into nursing.
Aspect: Driven to Prove Myself

Phase Three: What Was Your First Adventure? (The Story: Summer Storms)
– A year ago, when I turned 21, having become a full time student at OHSU my life changed irrevocably forever. It was a unusually blistering summer, with strange portents and even stranger dreams. A mysterious man approached me, accusing me of stealing an artifact from his family. He was cold but mysteriously alluring, skin of white and hair black-blue. Stranger was the creatures that I was suddenly spotting from the corners of my eyes, where before they were just normal animals. Things from my childhood suddenly come to life. Freaking out, with this man chasing me all over Portland, it was at the Rose Garden Park that I came face to face with a reality I never expected. It was during the Summer Equinox when a strange storm raged, and dark, mysterious forces converged at the park. It was like I was lead to this point, when the cold man and his dark, winter forces chased me and an opposing force, of summer and warm, struck back. Then a stranger in the park told me to run, that the man of winter wanted my blood for his own, dark purposes. In a confrontation with the man, I used my father’s pendant to protect myself from the winter man, hurting him. Then I fled.
Aspect: My Father’s Summer Leaf Pendant

Phase Four: Guest Starring in Stormraven’s _

Phase Five: Guest Starring in Henry’s _

Nizhoni Was

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