Max Tripper

Reluctant mind-reader


High concept: Reluctant mind-reader is a tome of knowledge
Trouble: Family is always a burden (twin brother always in some kind of trouble)
Template: Focused Practitioner


Phase One:
Max grew up not knowing anyone with a connection to magic. He discovered early that he had an affinity for knowing what people wanted and thought it was just a good part of his personality until he stumbled across his twin brother creating fire from nothing. He was in awe of him. Admiring his brother Terry brought the two of them closer, but it wouldn’t be for another week until they figured that Max’s ability was something magical as well. One day, walking home from school they were confronted by a Warden who sat them down and told them of the magical laws and what would happen if they were to break them. This instilled a great sense of fear and jealousy in Max. Fear of the White Council and jealousy that his brother had an ability that didn’t not limit him. “What good is a power that you can’t use,” he thought.

Aspect: Intimidated by the White Council

Phase Two:
A few years down the road, Max learns that Terry is being tutored in magic by their uncle who just moved back into town. He steers clear of the both of them until he is confronted by his mother. It seems that it was she who called the White Council to warn her boys of the dangers of breaking the magical laws. Apparently, her father had similar abilities to Max and it didn’t end well for him. She had taken precautions to ensure no one would be able to invade her mind since she was a little girl. She explained that though he shouldn’t use his ability to read minds, there is still power in knowledge and that surely there would be other things Max would be gifted in.

Aspect: There must be something only you can do. Learn more!

Phase Three
In his mid-twenties, Max has gotten a job at a bookstore and works with a magic information broker. He spends a lot of his time learning as much as he can and helping his boss/mentor with various jobs. His brother Terry spends much of his time trying to grow his powers and mixing it up with various people around town. Occasionally, Max is dragged into Terry’s adventures by being a pawn, kidnapped or having to pick his brother up from various places. He has learned to do a lot of things he never thought he would have to in order to help his brother when he needs it.

Aspect: Family is all

Max Tripper

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