Martin Goldstein

True Believer - Agent of the Chosen


High Concept – Agent of the Chosen
Trouble – Right makes Might
Template – True Believer

Great (+4) – Conviction, Scholarship
Good (+3) – Rapport, Empathy
Fair (+2) – Alertness, Presence, Lore
Average (+1) – Athletics, Endurance, Fists, Guns, Investigation

Mortal Stunts
Blessed Words

Supernatural Stunts
Bless this house
Guide My Hand

Refresh 2


Phase One – Background

Grew up the middle son of a Jewish scholar in the conflict ridden border town in the middle east. Experienced fear and numbness of the constant warfare and found solace in his faith. He considers himself close to his family though they are now geographically parted. His sister made a career in the military and his elder brother followed the scholarly tradition.

Aspect: Sometimes you have to fight

Phase 2 – Rising Conflict

Here Martin spent time with his Uncle, a disabled Veteran who was a practicing Rabbi. Here much of his values came from the wisdom he saw from his Uncle. It helped him come to grips with the fighting around him and understand the different positions.

Aspect: Peace does not come from violence

Phase 3 – Martin Goldstein in “Rest in Peace”

Sometimes the dead fight back. In a land filled with violence and death, sometimes death is not an end to the battle. Martin has to find a way to stop the dead from possessing the living and continuing their war. But can Martin succeed when he finds out who is really bringing them back and what if one is family?

Aspect: Uncle’s Dog Tags

Phase 4 – “Wyld Hunt” with GR Casey

Who would have thought that Martin would be giving Sanctuary to a Wicca. Heck, Martin didn’t even know what he could give Sanctuary. But Casey just came on in, looking wet, winded, and scared. She needed help from the beast chasing her and Martin wasn’t going to send her back into danger just because her hair was showing. Glad he did did to cause once she caught her breath she showed him a thing or two about belief that came in handy later on.

Aspect: A port in any storm

Phase 5 – “Who writes your cheque” with Hank Walker

In jail, most people didn’t listen to the parables. They were just doing their time and they figured that I was too. They were mostly polite to the visiting Rabbi. He didn’t push or try to save them, just told them stories. I was surprised that Hank listened. I was more surprised when he showed up at my door asking about Coyote the trickster. We spoke about good and evil. Intentions and the path to hell. Don’t think we came up with any answers but Hank seemed more settled just by talking out the questions. At least he said He had the beginnings of a plan when he left.

Aspect: Stories have power

Martin Goldstein

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