Hank Walker

Ex Con/Ectomancer


High Concept: Ex Con/Ectomancer
Trouble: The past isn’t always the past

Great (+4): Lore, Discipline
Good (+3): Conviction, Intimidate
Fair (+2): Weapons, Deceit, Guns,
Average (+1): Alertness, Fists, Athletics, Burglary, Investigation

Channeling: Ectomancy (-2)
Ritual: Ectomancy (-2)
Refinement: +1 STR of crafting, +1 FREQ of crafting (-1)
Wizard’s Constitution (0)
-Focus Item (to be determined): +1 Conviction
-Focus Item (to be determined): +1 Lore
-3 enchanted item(probably a spirit armour(protect self), a spirit tracking spell, and a spirit block(hold an opponent) + 1 potion slot
5 rote spells to be determined(probably a single target blast, an area of effect blast, veil/invisibility, intimidate spell, walk through walls/bonds spell)

Phase 1 – Background

Growing up in a rough part of Portland, Hank made some bad choices. Theft, drug dealing, assault were morally tough but necessary as a low level member of a Portland biker gang. Hank never took pleasure in what he did but having to take care of his little brother, Mike was his number one priority. Not surprisingly, over time the biker gang became his family. Things were fine for a while until, Hank was arrested for possession of drugs with intent to sell. Not wanting to give up anyone else in the gang, Hank took the full brunt of the law. Being a minor at the time, good behavior. and community service he was eventually paroled. Prison was difficult because it meant his brother was left alone. The gang did take care of Mike. Respecting Hank’s wishes, Mike’s life took a more mundane course that saw him through high school by the time Hank was released.
While not keen on returning to his criminal past, Hank is conflicted as he again needs to make a living and assist with his brother’s tuition for university.

Aspect: Blood is thicker than Water

Phase 2 – Rising Conflict

While in prison, Hank befriended his cellmate, an elderly man who went by the name of Carter. No one was ever sure if that was his first or last name. Due to overcrowding and the nature of his crime, Hank was in an adult prison. Carter looked after Hank in prison. As time went by Carter began giving Hank strange tomes to read. Thus began Hank’s education into spirit magic. When pressing Carter as to why he didn’t escape, Hank was told that the “bars had a hold of me.” To this day Carter is an important person to Hank and he often visits Carter or writes him letters. Carter opened Hank’s eyes to the damage that people can do to spirits. In a place like prison there are a lot of echoes of intense emotions. This was definitely a huge factor in Hank changing his view on crime and his actions. As his skills developed, Hank found himself as a lightning rod for spirit activity.

Aspect: Touched by spirits

Phase 3 – Hank Walker in “Who writes your cheque?”

Hank began to enjoy some success in his new found career using his skills from his criminal past and his new found training in magic to hunt down men and spirits alike. On one particular case he was paid to track down a coyote spirit. When cornered the coyote revealed to Hank secrets far worse than a simple bounty. These secrets exposed the edge of something much larger in Portland, the idea that the criminal underworld was perhaps overlapping with the supernatural world. …. people and names that he knew in his previous life were perhaps backed by otherworldly forces. This was the first time that Hank felt a responsibility to look at the big picture and the targets that he accepts.

Aspect: Even the hunted deserve compassion

Phase 4 – “Orin’s story” with Orin Scully

Hank was hired as a “consultant” for the tracking/capture of shifters. Who was funding these goons and why did they want to capture shifters? When Hank learned that capture really meant kill, he decided that this did not sit well with him. Unbeknownst to him, Orin had been investigating the disappearance/murder of shifters. When the two came face to face, Hank was accused of the murders by Orin. Both mistrusted each other but after some convincing Orin believed Hank to be a bounty hunter not an assassin. Upset with the misrepresentation by his employers, Hank decided to help Orin investigate the murders. While they never got to the bottom of the case they did learn that there were dark forces working behind the scenes but to what end?!!?? After working together the two felt a bond as they both led dual lives.

Aspect: We are the line between the mundane and supernatural

Hank Walker

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