Graeme Rhiannon 'GR' Casey

Wiccan 'Sorceress'


High Concept: Wiccan ‘Sorceress’ (True Believer)
Trouble: The Wiccan Rede – As a True Believer, she obeys the Rede above all else, which can put her into conflict with such as the White Council, among others.
Template: True Believer

Great: Conviction, Contacts
Good: Discipline, Lore
Fair: Alertness, Performance, Resources
Average: Athletics, Deceit, Empathy, Endurance, Rapport

Person of Conviction -1
Wizard’s Constitution -0
Bless this House -1
Guide my Hand -1
Thaumaturgy (Spec: Wards) 2 Item Slots -3
Pentacle – Focus Item; Thaumaturgy; Wards; Control

Phase One – Background

GR never knew her father, as he died shortly before her birth. Her mother raised her alone, occasionally moving without giving any reason that GR could understand. In High School, searching for identity and identification, she started studying Wicca. Her mother’s reaction was, to say the least, excessive – at least, in GR’s mind. She didn’t stop her study, though, just kept it hidden from her mother. She occasionally got dark hints about her father’s death. As she progressed, she learned that she could make a great many things happen – much more than she thought, or the books mentioned. Guided by the Wiccan Rede, she managed to stay out of trouble in using it, but did skirt the magical laws once or twice, when she sought to find out more about her father. The only thing she learned for certain was that he was a Wizard, and that he’d been killed.

Aspect: Daddy was a Wizard? (Magic is in her blood, and the White Council may well be aware of her and watching).

Phase 2 – Rising Conflict

Unable to learn via books or local covens, GR sought out other practitioners. Wizards being hard to find, she met a lot of sorcerers, learning what she could from them. Unfortunately, many were less than moral in their leanings, and when she told them ‘no’, or left them, they tended to get angry. She’s made enemies of a few sorcerers, but that’s never stopped her from hewing to the Rede when using magic.

Aspect: I’m not that kind of girl. (Her magical heritage gets a lot of attention, and while her honor and integrity sometimes help, they can also make her enemies.

Phase 3 – GR Casey in “Wyld Hunt”

When an unnamed thing from the Nevernever begins hunting practitioners, GR is asked to assist by the Fianna in aghaidh Dorchada and soon finds herself among its intended prey. Can she survive the monster’s attentions without losing her self?

Aspect: Cold Iron Athame

Phase 4 – “Who writes your cheque?” with Hank Walker

Hank Walker, a bounty hunter with compassion, was tracking a coyote – not the people smugglers, but a minor, mischievous spirit to retrieve something it stole. Given his willingness to listen, the coyote convinced him that the item was a danger in the ‘owners’ hands. Fortunately, the coyote was taking the item to someone he knew, a witch who could help to hide it. But could the combined power of GR Casey, Hank Walker and a timid coyote stop the spectre the came after the item? Fortunately, GR knows people.

Aspect: Mystical ‘Facebook’. GR deals with people and creatures from all over the map. She knows people, and they know people.
Compels: People know her, too.

Phase 5 – ""

Shifters are dying mysteriously, and Orin Scully is investigating. Meanwhile, mysterious omens have drawn the witch GR Casey into the den of an old, old wolfwere. Is the wolf the next victim, the killer, or just an interested party? Can GR work with the were-owl cop to find out?

Aspect Drawing Down the MoonWhile not a Were, GR is a witch, and has a nearly mystical sense of the moon’s phases and energies. This helps when dealing with weres and others dependent on the moon.
Compels: Such a strong tie to the moon makes those who don’t have it less inclined to trust, for the moon is ever changeable.


GR stands a little above average height (roughly 5’8") and is of slender build, with hair the colour of dark red bricks curling down past her shoulder blades. She tends to dress in archaic but stylish blouses and dresses, and openly wears a silver pentacle around her neck.

Graeme Rhiannon 'GR' Casey

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